Solo retreat for women

In your daily life of thinking, achieving, and doing, you often spend little time to just be. But it is in resting in beingness itself that you can begin to discover how the love and joy you are looking happens to be always already the case.
During the retreat you learn to rest in beingness itself; the radiant nature of everything and every one. Beingness itself, or true nature, cannot be achieved through effort, but there can be an awakening, when you learn to drop the seeking for it as well as drop your defenses against unpleasant experiences. Beingness itself is open, timeless, quiet, lively, creative and inherently joyful. It’s like the sun; always present and radiant. You can never own it, because you are it.
When you rest in Beingness itself, the light turns on and your heart opens. In this openness you can see reality as it is; of life, of yourself, and of what you assume as a problem. Simplicity emerges. It awakens your inherent wisdom.


During a retreat you temporarily step out of your daily life pattern, full of habits. To support this, it is recommended to drop some habits that keeps you in your old pattern of numbness in place, like the use of rich food, alcohol, tobacco, internet etc. If you resort to rest, silence, sacred study, exercises, being in nature, healthy food, and maybe a massage, the process of purification, rejuvenation and rebalancing can start to take place.
By this you give the awakening process a change, so that it can shine through your usual defenses. The sun can break through the clouds. The silence can be felt and enjoyed, your body and mind can calm down and your heart can bloom open again. In this way you can discover that what you were looking for, turns out to be already the case. You learn to stop looking and think that things must be different than they are. You open yourself to what is already true. Everything is welcomed.
You will be guided by, optionally, Awakening meditations, Heart meditations, visualizations, breathing exercises, gentle body work, self massage, healing sessions, coaching sessions. You will be given a retreat schedule, due to the intention of your retreat.
During the first zoom meeting ( no costs), we determine the duration of your retreat and the number of sessions per day, depending on your needs and intention, and my availability. We will also discuss the next steps to make.

Nature nd stillness in Limburg
During your retreat there will be plenty of time for rest, a bite to eat, walking or biking or a visit to the sauna, where you can let the beauty and tranquility of Limburg sink in.
Look here for tips for bed & breakfast, hotel or hiker’s cabin.
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Are you interested? You can contact us here for more information or to register. We will first get acquainted (free zoom conversation) and discuss the reason, your question, the number of days, the schedule, the costs, the cancellation conditions and any questions about accomodation.
It is also possible to book an online retreat from your own home or accommodation.

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