Couple Retreat Integral ( English)

We all want a happy, inspiring and mature partner relationship. But how to actually ‘do’ that? Take a break for a few days as a couple to give your full attention to what is so dear to you: your partner relationship. Get inspired and learn how to GROW UP and BE LOVE,  in stead of seeking love.

samen onder de brug

Rest in your true nature. During this relationship retreat you restore contact with your radiant, loving, original nature. Joy, lust for life, lightness, humor are released again. You learn to rest with each other in Being present, and together you discover how you can bring your relationship into alignment with your deepest knowledge and highest values. Talking too much or arguing about your dissatisfaction takes the freshness out of the relationship, if you don’t know exactly how to get to the heart of it quickly. You often look in the other person for what you think you are missing. Avoiding painful feelings takes the depth out of your relationship. It can reinforce the feeling of seperateness and can drive you even more apart.
To really meet. It is our habit to see the ‘other’ as an object from whom we try to get what we want: confirmation, attention, companionship, sex, care, a safe future, etc. If you long to be really meet again, this requires a completely different approach. For this it is necessary that you both decide to want to be fully present, that you realize and acknowledge that the other is completely their own person and not yours and that you open yourself to what now, in reciprocity, wants to unfold.
Emotional maturity. Much conflict arises because you unconsciously repeat history together and react to the other like a needy child or confused and rebellious adolescent. Learning to mature emotionally is necessary if you want a mature relationship to blossom. How do you do that?
Being vulnerable. By becoming comfortable with an open, vulnerable state of being present and allowing loss of face, you both open yourself to deeper layers of experience and to the natural flow of giving and receiving. By seeing through and feeling through painful issues and feelings, old, obstructive mechanisms of accusation and defense increasingly lose their grip. You learn to discover together lovingly what is needed here. for taking that much risk, sufficient basic safety is required.
Next evolutionary step of your relationship. Your relationship is not a problem to be solved. And neither are you. You learn to see your relationship as a living organism that develops and grows and is formed and nurtured (or neglected) by you. The next development step will represent itself, as will the hurdles to be overcome. This can be in the field of intimacy, sexuality, spirituality or communication. In this way a new way of being in relationship becomes available.
Inspect the ship.  To be able to sail together on the high seas, a solid ship is needed. In the initial phase, we investigate whether the basis of your relationship is safe enough. We discuss what change is needed before you can go in depth together. During this relationship retreat you will be inspired, touched, nurtured and challenged, from a being-oriented and integral vision of relationships. Because I work in the here and now, what really needs attention is quickly brought to the table. An inspired relationship, how do you create that? learn
  • rest in your original nature
  • recognize each other as the perfect manifestation of this nature, in all its imperfection
  • build a Heart-guided relationship and leave an ego-driven relationship behind
  • open yourself, every moment, to love instead of looking for love
  • to grow in emotional maturity
  • distinguish between healthy care for needs and need
  • the influence of your underlying motivations on the relationship dynamic
  • an inspiring interaction between male and female strength
  • how to release intimacy and sexuality
  • how to communicate together from inspiration
  • about the interaction between your characters (or masks) and shadow. During the intake session, we determine the accent of the retreat together, based on your level of awareness, development and current relationship topics.
Are you interested? Find out here how it will work practically.
Matthew: “Wow, your approach is very straightforward. Very powerful. It works. Thanks!”

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